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Enjoy a swing on the porch or put a swing and its frame under a tree to create a great outdoor place to relax. If you would like to build a wooden swing or need some woodworking plans, patterns and step by step instructions, check out these five different wooden swing designs.
Choosing a swing depends on how many and how big the people are that are expected to be seated upon it.Porch swings make great Fathers Day Gifts , Mothers Day Gifts , Birthday Gifts and Christmas Gifts. Where you are going to place it is also factor. Unfortunately, most people buy a standard four foot swing and then later wish they had a larger one to seat others or just find out that four feet of seating space is uncomfortable. Here you will find project Plans for a Large Swing.

Some swings come with a "Hanging Kit", be sure it includes all the hardware and chain you'll need for your particular swing. Some chain kits do not include galvanized chain or hardware. If so, you will have to replace the chain within one year due to its rust. The rusted chain can break if not replaced. Galvanized or Stainless Steel Hardware and chain is recommended. If you have to buy your own materials read these directions completely and make a list to carry with you for shopping.

Always measure your porch, patio, backyard, lawn or garden area for height. This is to determine the length of the swing chains. Choose a wide area for swinging back and forth.

Locate a solid overhead beam (with at least a 6' 6" clearance below it, 8' is the standard). Install two SWING LAG SCREW HOOKS or BOLTS spaced at the width of the swing to hold chains. Drill pilot holes for the swing lag screw hooks to prevent wood splitting when screwing in the hooks needed to hold your swing. Be sure NOT to drill holes too large, as the weight of the swing and/or its persons seated upon it may cause them to fall out.

If possible, use four chains to hang your swing from its hooks - two chains descend from each hook or eye bolt, one to the back of the swing and one to the front. Keep in mind that seven foot long chains hung from a beam 8 feet above the ground or floor will hold the swing approximately 17 to 19 inches off the ground. This is the standard height range of comfort. Taller people tend to like the 19 inch height and shorter people tend to like the 17 inch height.

Build a Swing Set Frame or buy a frame for your swing if no porch or beam is an option. Don't forget about shade from the sun. Wooden swings and humans like the shade .

Screw or fasten all hardware securely into the wood and use chain connectors for safety. Check that all hardware is installed correctly BEFORE hanging your swing.

Get a helper or helpers to lift the swing and its chains up to you on a ladder near the beam. Hook the swing in place, adjust the chains evenly and try it out. Some people prefer the swing slightly tilted back, experiment with it.

Don't forget, cushions can make a swing seat a lot better to spend time in than without them. Also combine cushions with SWING SPRINGS to make the swings seat even more comfortable. Simply place one spring on each top end of the chains.
Read a little about HANGING TIRE SWINGS Kids love to swing on tire swings!


If you DON’T know if your porch and or beam can support a swing, seek professional help or build a frame suitable to use.
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